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Khagrachari Hill District Council

Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh


  • Taking and implementation various long term and short term project for the development of communication and infrastructure;
  • Prepare and approve the budget of the Council;
  • Making plan and implementation;
  • Human resource development;
  • Implementation of development activities by the assistance of international donor agencies;
  • Taking and implementation of various  programs  for the development of education, health, culture, tourism and small & cottage industries;
  • Coordinate, monitor and supervise the development activities of  various transferred govt. department;
  • Taking projects for the development of agriculture, fisheries and livestock;
  • Taking  and implementation of various  income generating projects  in order to make  the poor people self-reliant;
  • Taking and implementation of various programs for the development of sports and culture;
  • Taking  and implementation of various programs to cherish, develop and preserve the    culture, customs, tradition and heritage of tribal people;
  • Coordination of development activities of all  govt. and non-govt. departments/ organizations of the district;
  • Taking and implementation of various  social welfare and cooperative based programs to rehabilitate the distressed  and poor people;
  • Taking and implementation of projects for the  self -employment of the unemployed people.


  •  Take initiatives and implement program for overall development of the district.
  •  To ensure overall development and welfare of the people initiate projects/programs in proportion to population for all communities.
  •  Ensure public participation in the process of preparation and implementation of development plans for transparency and accountability in all steps.
  •  Take measures to improve efficiency and mobility of the council.
  •  Accomplish all tasks within time frame following the guidelines of Secretariat manual.
  •  Coordinate and build up the capacity of all local authorities including departments/sections through regular monitoring.
  •  Perform all tasks as early as possible.
  •  Friendly behave with the service recipients and provide all kinds of support within the legal framework.
  •  Carry out all responsibilities with transparency and accountability.
  •  Take initiatives to preserve and improve the environment.
  •  Play responsible role to establish good governance.
  •  Ensure cost effective and economical use of public resources.
  •  Maintain neutrality in all process of decision making.
  •  Play active role to develop relationship and equality between men and women.
  •  Maintain communal harmony and support in preservation of traditional heritage.
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